Whilst fighting a living dungeon, I found its heart to be a literally beating heart of horse heart size. I decided to eat it.

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mechanicaly I play multiclass cleric / necromancer (+adventurer feat dead wizzard)

I am universal spell caster. I can feed on ANY kind of energy. Arcane magic, or living energy. I see, feel and control all energy flow around. I can call down fireball on you, suck life from you or cure your wounds with reverse flow.

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    scena mobilna wynajem
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I am the son of the former High Druid and the Crusader; I am unaware that I am the Crusaders son. 

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I am the only surviving practitioner of my religion, and I'm journeying to The Cathedral so that it may be recorded before I die

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I was still-born. My family mourned, but as they laid me into my grave I gave my first cry
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My entire lineage was killed a while ago, but a witch made me whole again. Now each piece of my body is a fraction of one of my ancestors.

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I'm a former statue that received a bit of free will and started to roam. 

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I'm becoming invisible, and I don't know how to stop it.

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My skin begin to change and I end up getting bigger and bigger every time I get enraged.

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I'm the formed god of water, somehow banished.

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I am the exterminator of the yellow dragons.

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I'm the last one of my kind... and I'm sterile.

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I am one of the few sons of a hag that wasn't drowned at birth.

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My character doesn't know it, but a bit of regenerative ogre mage blood flows through his veins. This may manifest as a boon or a burden.

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I died long ago, but my ghostly spirit is still tied to my now-zombified body. My zombie body can hear my ghost, but can't always understand its instructions.

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"My reflection is a owlbear. I don't know why, and it terrifies me."


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"As a child I swallowed a scalle of the Great Gold Wyrm, and it's still inside me."

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"I am the only Forgeborn with a biological heart. My heart remembers that its previous owner owes the Dwarf King his life."

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My core is unstable. To keep it under control, I need The Queen's Dreams.

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The Prince of Shadows has given me five hidden hypnotic trigger words. I am not aware of this fact.

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Birds either love me or hate me.

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"I once traded some magic beans I owned for a poor farmer boy's cow.  What?  I really needed fresh milk for a ritual I was working on!"

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"The Priestess is in a family way, and everyone seems to think I'm responsible!"

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I am the only one emissary of the Elf Queen

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The chef in our game's OUT is "I made a deal with the devil to be the best chef on the seven seas. Now all the other chefs suck."

I thought it was a pretty cool OUT.

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In search of power, I have betrayed life and allied myself with the Lich King. The flesh of my hand has melted off leaving nothing, but bone. Yet, I can still use my skeletal hand as if it still had flesh.

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I am actually the 12th Age's Archmage, bespelled into the form of a helmet that is worn by imbeciles to gain magical ability without knowing why.

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My alter ego is that I am the Empire's second greatest lover.

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