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Title Author Hits
Custom Poisons Lester Gash 5556
Dwarven Flashbang Grenade Wesley.O.Ford 101
Elven Bola Net Wesley.O.Ford 99
Oil of Fiery Burning Lester Gash 3942
Oil of Slipperiness Lester Gash 3964
Orcish Battle Shrooms Wesley.O.Ford 100
Potion of Animal Empathy Lester Gash 3385
Potion of Awesome Strength Lester Gash 3252
Potion of Chameleon Skin Lester Gash 4308
Potion of Concealment from Animals Lester Gash 3275
Potion of Concealment from Undead Lester Gash 3398
Potion of Distant Audience Lester Gash 3140
Potion of Distant Vision Lester Gash 3177
Potion of Distant Voice Lester Gash 3376
Potion of Dragon's Breath Lester Gash 3364
Potion of Elemental Breath Kenderama 3495
Potion of Elemental Endurance Kenderama 3335
Potion of Elemental Warding Kenderama 3404
Potion of Floral Harmony Lester Gash 3252
Potion of Gaseous Form Kenderama 3873
Potion of Great Speed Lester Gash 3201
Potion of Heroic Action Lester Gash 3201
Potion of Heroic Inspiration Kenderama 3563
Potion of Invisibility Kenderama 3773
Potion of Jumping Lester Gash 3169
Potion of Levitation Kenderama 3723
Potion of Levitation Lester Gash 3650
Potion of Neutralize Poison Kenderama 3352
Potion of Rage Kenderama 3451
Potion of Recovery Kenderama 3685
Potion of Slow Poison Kenderama 3280
Potion of Speed Kenderama 3398
Potion of Spider Climbing Lester Gash 3655
Potion of Sweet Water Lester Gash 3687
Potion of True Sight Kenderama 3988
Potion of Undetectable Passage Lester Gash 3080
Potion of Water Breathing Kenderama 3767
Vicious Poison Melody Haren Anderson 4102