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Title Author Hits
Custom Poisons Lester Gash 5646
Dwarven Flashbang Grenade Wesley.O.Ford 174
Elven Bola Net Wesley.O.Ford 180
Oil of Fiery Burning Lester Gash 4013
Oil of Slipperiness Lester Gash 4034
Orcish Battle Shrooms Wesley.O.Ford 184
Potion of Animal Empathy Lester Gash 3459
Potion of Awesome Strength Lester Gash 3323
Potion of Chameleon Skin Lester Gash 4382
Potion of Concealment from Animals Lester Gash 3344
Potion of Concealment from Undead Lester Gash 3468
Potion of Distant Audience Lester Gash 3203
Potion of Distant Vision Lester Gash 3248
Potion of Distant Voice Lester Gash 3442
Potion of Dragon's Breath Lester Gash 3443
Potion of Elemental Breath Kenderama 3571
Potion of Elemental Endurance Kenderama 3405
Potion of Elemental Warding Kenderama 3464
Potion of Floral Harmony Lester Gash 3317
Potion of Gaseous Form Kenderama 3950
Potion of Great Speed Lester Gash 3274
Potion of Heroic Action Lester Gash 3270
Potion of Heroic Inspiration Kenderama 3634
Potion of Invisibility Kenderama 3853
Potion of Jumping Lester Gash 3235
Potion of Levitation Kenderama 3793
Potion of Levitation Lester Gash 3725
Potion of Neutralize Poison Kenderama 3427
Potion of Rage Kenderama 3524
Potion of Recovery Kenderama 3758
Potion of Slow Poison Kenderama 3353
Potion of Speed Kenderama 3471
Potion of Spider Climbing Lester Gash 3791
Potion of Sweet Water Lester Gash 3771
Potion of True Sight Kenderama 4078
Potion of Undetectable Passage Lester Gash 3146
Potion of Water Breathing Kenderama 3839
Vicious Poison Melody Haren Anderson 4186