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Title Author Hits
Aegis of the Golden Cross Kenderama 5103
Alchemical Stuff and Potions Marco 5512
Anesthetic Armor Angel 4305
Animal Companion's Dragon Helm Angel 7515
Ankheg shell armors Martin K 4428
Arm of Three Fates Kenderama 4844
Armor of Dylan's Cleansing Kenderama 4137
Armor of Stone Flesh Kenderama 4579
Bardic Blade Grunts Ghosts 4083
Birthday Hat of Blomdell Kenderama 4090
Bloodsoaked Bracers Kenderama 5427
Boots of Void Stepping Angel 4501
Chester's Gauntlet of Quick Escapes Covok 4091
Chill Wand Kenderama 4441
Cloak of Glarothen the Bright Melody Haren Anderson 4082
Cloak of the Dire Bear Angel 4316
Cloak of the Rolling Tempest Andy Raff 4693
Clockwork Cowl Kenderama 4609
Collar of Shared Fortitude Kenderama 4143
Consumable Items Jonathan Roberts 3853
Curved Bell of Luck Covok 4590
Dead Man's Glaive Melody Haren Anderson 4756
Dire Bonesword Angel 4263
Dire Claw Gauntlet Angel 3901
Dragon Claw Baselard Angel 4345
Dusty Ring Covok 4402
Elemental Weapons James Kenny 4189
Emperor's Peace Wade Rockett 4148
Erobos' Hand Wraps Angel 4173
Eyes of the Overworld Andy Raff 4788
Figurines of Wonder Kenderama 4255
Frugal Weapon James Kenny 4090
Girdle of Physical Bracing Angel 4005
Gloves of Iron Grip Angel 3753
Gloves of Ogreish Might Kenderama 4126
Goliath's Armor Angel 4044
Half-breed's Armor Angel 3970
Hater of Priests Kenderama 4256
House Adhorren Ring Angel 3949
Kilt of Supreme Confidence Angel 4329
Kitsune's Wand Angel 3997
Kunoichi's Sandals Angel 6864
Light's Avenger Kenderama 4483
Losgunn, the toad-tongue mace Angel 3950
Magic Wand of Polymorph cavalier973 4616
Maul of Spotlessness Kenderama 4432
Minoan Helmet Angel 4034
Necromancer's Sword of Embalming Angel 4173
Orb Weaver's Boots Angel 3827
Phelanar's Guide to Items of Legend Aaron R 3993
Phelanar's Guide to the Magick Shoppe Aaron R 4110
Priestly Mantle of the Covetous Cleric: Jason Tseng 3763
Quiver of _______ Angel 3817
Ragemaster's Cleaver Kenderama 3471
Ring of Detonation Kenderama 3476
Ring of Eldritch Tempo Andy Raff 3817
Ring of Red Ruin Andy Raff 3727
Ring of Sankarix shadowcentaur 3231
Ring of the Ram Kenderama 3632
Rings of Brotherhood Brian Faulkner 4365
Robust Loincloth of Barbaric Strength Covok 3435
Schadenfreude Weapon Vojtech Pribyl 3348
Serpent's Spine Angel 3268
Shield of Purity Kenderama 3541
Sinal's Slippery Sandals Kenderama 3203
Snapping Turtle Armor Kenderama 3283
Soulcatcher Kenderama 3217
Source Stones Angel 3303
Staff of Renewed Healing James Kenny 3237
Stormbringer Angel 3963
Stormglory, the Thunderstruck Rod shadowcentaur 4010
Stygian Driftwood Staff Angel 3596
Tear of the Imprisoned Boundless Melody Haren Anderson 3460
Thanatosian Gauntlets Angel 3134
The Black's Fang Melody Haren Anderson 6175
The Crippler Kenderama 3462
The Luggage Kenderama 3616
Timestealer Blade Martin K 3528
Trousers of the 1st Age Wade Rockett 3889
Twin Circlets of One Mind Angel 3144
Unholy Ring of Skeletal Mastery Angel 3339
Vengeful Ranger's Bow Angel 3258
Vicious Rigger's Belt Angel 3485
Wand of Wilfull Evil Angel 3732
Wingmarshal's Ring shadowcentaur 3321
Wraith's Burial Shroud Angel 3271
Wraps of Wrath Kenderama 3222