Thanatosian Gauntlets

Written by Angel.

Champion tier magic gloves. These and all my other magic items can be found at the link below.

Thanatosian Gauntlets: This bulky pair of gloves is made from thick leather cured from the hides of necromantic cows (weird, right?) and plated with carved bits of extremely hard bone. They're rumored to be Death's own work gloves when a reaping requires a particularly vicious hand. +2 bonus to attack rolls against staggered enemies, to help them on their way towards death. You may also use them to temporarily (about five minutes or so,) summon a soul back to its body to interrogate it, recharge 16+.

Quirk: That Damn Goth Kid: You're overly prone to morbid introspection and tend to see everything in the darkest possible way.

thanatosian gauntlets small

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