Gender Flipped Icons

Written by Henry Guth.

Gender-Flipped Icons in the 13th Age by ASH LAW

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When I first heard the idea of gender-flipped icons I really liked the concept, so when I got the chance to turn the idea into words I was surprised at how hard it actually is. Just slapping a beard on the Priestess or a skirt on the Dwarf King doesn’t work … what is the point of being different if everything is the same? So I took a look at some of what made each icon cool and tried to flip that too. My favorite Star Trek episodes were always the mirror universe ones, evil Spock-beards and all.

Icons by: ASH LAW


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  • Holy cow, I like this. Just to let you know that I copied the entire article, and will probably use it somewhere in my upcoming 13th Age Campaign. I am especially fond of the Queen of Cogs because it may give me an opportunity to have an excuse to include some Steampunk elements in 13th Age. In fact, I may start working on that...
    My heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

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