Ceremonial Magic (4th Edition Ritual Caster)

Written by Candice Rigby.

Also found on House Velo'Vasse.

 ♦ Ceremonial Magic ♦

If you miss 4th edition rituals, here’s a feat to remedy that. We do not recommend letting this feat be taken in place of the 13th Age Ritual Caster Talent, but it can be taken in addition. (Component Costs can be kept the same quite easily. Use appropriate background checks in place of skill checks).

Adventurer Feat: Ceremonial Magic

You gain access to the 4th Edition Ritual Caster Feat and all its bonuses.

Note 1: Options like animal messenger, fastidiousness, and various portal spells can add a lot of fun without breaking the game, but demon summoning might be out of control in your world. (We’ve had no issues using the complete selection of rituals thus far).

Note 2: If you feel this is too powerful or complicated for your game, but like the overall idea of more utilitarian magics, check out my Improvised Cantrips feat on my blog or here on the site.

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