Druid Changes (13TW Druid modification)

Written by Candice Rigby.

Also on House Velo'vasse.

After running a druid using both the playtest version and the finalized 13 True Ways version, my husband and I added a few tweaks that we felt were needed. Unless otherwise specified, everything mentioned here is in addition to the existing Druid class features, and not a replacement.

♦ Ritual Caster ♦
Both the spellcasting talents of the druid now have the Ritual Caster feat for free.

♦ Terrain Caster Adept Level Progression ♦

Druid Level Daily Spells Level Spells are Cast At Total bonus Feats*
Level 1 Multiclass 1 1st 1
Level 1 1 1st 1
Level 2 2 1st 1
Level 3 3 3rd 1
Level 4 4 3rd 1
Level 5 5 5th 2
Level 6 5 5th 2
Level 7 6 7th 2
Level 8 6 7th 3
Level 9 7 9th 3
Level 10 7 9th 3
*Druids with the Terrain Caster Adept Talent now get one bonus Terrain Caster feat per tier. These feats MUST be selected specifically from the Terrain Caster feats.

Terrain Caster Initiates get one bonus Terrain Caster Feat at 1st Level.

So why the bonus feats? The druid only gets at-will spells by spending a feat, which overall is fine. But during play we found it very limiting (and frequently overkill) if a Druid had to rely on Daily powers as the bulk of the spells. We realize that may have been the point, but it just didn’t mesh with our play-style.

By giving a Terrain Caster Adept one free feat per tier, we aim to give a feel of the Druid specializing in certain terrains, without sacrificing most of their feats on at-will powers. This opens their feat selection up to improving their other Druid Talent. Initiates get one bonus feat in the spirit of fairness.


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