Wizard Spell - Menlo's Mirthful Missive

Written by Kenderama.

Menlo's Mirthful Missive (3rd level)

"In a previous age, a joke was discovered by a relatively unknown Bard that was nearly fatal to anyone who heard it. Lucky for the world, a wizard with no sense of humor managed to weaponize it for our own arcane protection!" -Menlo the Magniflorious

Close-Quarters Spell
Standard Action to Cast

Target: One Engaged Enemy
Attack: INT mod + Level vs PD
Hit: Target is effectively weakened (-4 to attacks and defenses) as he is overcome with laughter and giggling until the end of it's next turn. The caster also pops free of the target as a free action.

Adventurer Feat: Spell becomes a Recharge 16+

Champion Feat: If you hit with a natural even roll, duration becomes Save Ends.

Epic Feat: Spell becomes a Recharge 11+

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