Class Powers Index Deck

Written by Dion Haubro.

Class Powers Index Deck

I know that not everyone who wanted might have gotten their paws onto an awesome Hardcopy of 13th Age and while the rules are easy, there can be a lot of spells/powers/talents (and espec when you use Feats on them aswell!) to look up.

Most 13th Age groups will only have one or two books to share, so I thought I'd start off by making a "Deck" of easily accessible and handy overview index cards (6" x 4" or A6 for the rest of us)

I have completed my task, all classes who could benefit from a deck now has one!

I decided to focus on the things you would need to look up when the game was going well, not the things you should have written down on your sheet during char creation, so for now it's "just" War Cries/Songs/Spells/Powers/Maneuvers.

I also made a concious decision to not make any boxes to mark eg. used dailies n so on, as I think the charsheet is the place for these things instead of an indexcard meant to last for some time.

Classes included : Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Sorcerer & Wizard

Link : (v1.2 )

 Update 1.2 - Big Bard Deck correction (thanks haren!)



 Ashardis/Dion Haubro


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