Streamlined 13th Age Character Sheet

Written by Dennis Nichol.



The Streamlined 13th Age Character Sheet is Battletested and Player Approved!

Some background descriptions and features include:

  • Inspired by Brian McGillivray's 13th Age Character Sheet
  • Shaped by this source, and feedback from over 3 years of 13th Age Adventurers within the Nine Pillared Hall
  • Positions and structures sections on the page for where they are most accessed during play and relevant to other sections
  • Adds a few character defining fields for more character flavor.
  • Remains flexible for documenting most types of character & builds via right-sized writing space where you need it
  • Provides convenient subsections & fields for tracking various buffs & conditions, to reduce fumbling around and recalcs during play
  • Efficiently provides for tracking of Magic Item Chakras, Consumable Items, General Gear/Equipment, and Currency
  • Maintains a spartan layout to save on physical page counts -- and therefore table space!

We hope this basic layout is as useful for you, as it has been to us. 

Have fun and may all your rolls be crits!

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  • A fillable version of this character sheet would be awsome!

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  • I've been away from 13th Age for a while, but just saw this sheet, I approve!

    One thing though, is the Chakra icons brought in from my sheet seem to be cut off in parts and include line artifacts from my layout. If you are still maintaining this sheet, I would be happy to send you a copy of my original Adobe Illustrator file that includes these icons I put together, to be able to include the icons in your version more cleanly.

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  • Hello there Sir,

    I'm very thrilled you approve! Like you, I have been away for a bit and just saw this comment! I have done a few updates since posting this (in response to observations of how players have used it and it's sections) to streamline it even further.
    Here's an example:!Alwod6fPxvIyhJx8PEImkvXImvMOMw

    I would TOTALLY love to have the source images to update this further. :) I am going to attempt making class-specific versions, so having your excellent OC would make for a great addition!

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  • Very nice!

    Here's a link to the Illustrator file of the last version I made:

    Going to be playing in a 13th Age campaign again soon, so i've no doubt I'll end up making a revised version of it in the future, lots of things that seemed like good ideas at the time, but could be improved.

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