Character Sheet - Landscape

Written by Graham Poole.

Because I can't leave well enough alone, I built my own character sheet. I found myself getting frustrated with sheets that were pretty, but left barely any room for spell descriptions, mundane equipment, magic item properties, etc.

I'm not proficient in graphic design software, but I am an engineer. So this character sheet is likely the first sheet designed in AutoCAD drafting software. Less pretty, more precise. It speaks to the engineer side of me.

Also, there aren't enough landscape sheets around, and I love landscape sheets, so here's another for you.

This sheet can also be found on Google Drive here.

EDIT: added a bubble version, for people who prefer a slightly less spreadsheet-y aesthetic.

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Download this file (CharSheet-Landscape-Bubbles-ve4grm.pdf)CharSheet-Landscape-Bubbles-ve4grm.pdf Graham Poole110 kB20652014-12-23 22:01
Download this file (CharSheet-Landscape-ve4grm.pdf)CharSheet-Landscape-ve4grm.pdf Graham Poole105 kB19412014-12-23 18:59

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