Dedlet's Fight Calculator v3

Written by Andre C..

This spreadsheet displays the Monster Equivalents table in a linear fashion for making planning battles a bit easier.  It also now includes the HP, attack, and other values for the DYI tables to help with making comparisons and such.


My apologies for all the version updates.  Copying and pasting cells which contain formula in excel is a real pain.

FileDescriptionCreatorFile sizeDownloadsLast modified
Download this file (Fight Calculator.v2.3.zipHas errors. Do not use.Andre C.18 kB14082014-06-25 13:15
Download this file (Fight Calculator.v2.4.zipOld version. Do not use.Andre C.18 kB13192014-07-21 16:16
Download this file (Fight Calculator.v2.zipOld version. Do not use.Andre C.18 kB14062014-07-21 16:16
Download this file (Fight Calculator.v3.xlsx.zipNow includes a list of monsters from the core rules, the bestiary, the midguard bestiary and 13 true waysAndre C.40 kB18902014-07-21 16:15

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