Expanded Equipment Container 13th Age Sheet V4 (Form Fillable)

Written by Brian McGillivray.

A 13th Age Sheet with a more expanded Equipment storage options, with mutliple containers such as Pouches, Satchel, Backpack to categorize where your character is storing their equipment on their person.

Now available in a Form Fillable version.

13th Age Sheet v4 Front Preview     13th Age Sheet v2 Back Preview

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Download this file (13th Age Sheet v2.pdf)13th Age Sheet v2.pdfBMcGillivray\'s 13th Age Sheet v2Brian McGillivray177 kB17332013-08-06 15:37
Download this file (13th Age Sheet v4 - FormFillable.pdf)13th Age Sheet v4 - FormFillable.pdfBMcGillivray's 13th Age Sheet v4 Form FillableBrian McGillivray375 kB18932014-04-06 23:54
Download this file (13th Age Sheet v4.pdf)13th Age Sheet v4.pdfBMcGillivray's 13th Age Sheet v4Brian McGillivray181 kB19172014-02-24 13:42

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  • Really liking v4, thanks! :)
    The form fillable version doesn't seem to want to allow me to insert a "portrait" though. When clicked, it pops up asking for an "icon" which can only be another PDF. Did I misunderstand something here?

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