Moon Festivals

Written by Melody Haren Anderson.

Festival of Splendored Mysteries.- One of only two nights of the year when all three moons, Emerald Green, Hunter Orange, and Mysterious Purple show in the sky together. They are all full and magic waxes dangerously powerful! While this is a boon for those careful and powerful enough, even the most minor of magic users has been known to bring chaos and destruction on this night.


Festival of Portals - The other night, when it is said that things both wondrous and foul are allowed to wander the lands free for that night only. When supposedly the bravest adventurers find these portals back and for that night seek reward and glory... It's a fearful time for most though. At dawn, all who passed through a portal are returned to their world of origin... except it's said when demons are able to escape, if they reach a Hellhole, they have found freedom.


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