Derro Dwarves

Written by Matt Hoffman.


Ability Adjustment: +2 to Dex or Int

Racial Powers/Special Abilities:

  • Deep Madness: Derro do not suffer the non-magical penalty of Dwarves, and have unrestricted access to spellcasting classes. However, for this they suffer an initial -1 penalty to Constitution.*
  • Confused To Begin With: The madness of the Derro means they are mostly immune to the "Confused" status: confusion only affects Derro if the player wants it to, and the way it affects the Derro is entirely up to player discretion.
  • Insane Scream (Racial Power): Once per battle, as a free action after you have been hit by an enemy attack, you can immediately counterattack by screaming at your attacker. This is either a ranged or close-quarters attack vs. MD, using the ability score you added your racial bonus to, and it deals 1d4 damage per level of either psychic or thunder type (your choice).
    • Champion Feat: You gain an additional per-battle use of Insane Scream, which you can use as a quick action whenever you like. This is in addition to your free action Insane Scream, which can only be used when you've been hit by an attack.

*See my optional Dwarf racial ability "Non-Magical." If you don't play with Non-Magical Dwarves, then ignore the Deep Madness ability for Derro.

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