dargonesti (water elves)

Written by LocalTrey.

Dargonesti (water elves)

blue-green skinned elves adapted to living beneath the waves


Racial Choice: +2 Con, or +2 Dex.


Aquatic: dargonesti can breath underwater as if on land, and gain a +2 (increases to +4/+6 at Champion/Epic tier) to swim checks.  dargonesti can spend 1d4 days on land before they must immerse themselves in water for 1d8 hours.  if they go behind this time they start each day with 1d4 less recoveries until they immerse themselves again.

adventurer tier dargonesti Feat (heritage of the spear):

same as elven heritage of the sword, except it applies to spear/javelin/tridents/etc)


Racial Power: "Water Bolt"

same as dragonic/dragonspawn's breath weapon but it always deals water/cold damage

History: In the distant past when the elven race first splintered one clan was offered sanctuary beneath the waves by a sea god.  The sea gods gift changed them giving them gills to breath the water, webbed hands/feet for swimming and covering their skin with blue/green scales.  As the crisis of the elven splinter past, the dargonesti lived on in peace beneath the waves raising up their own comunities and occasionally trading with their surface cousins.  Today the various dargonesti are ruled over by the Water Court (similiar but separate from the elf queens Court of Stars).

most dargonesti are kind to outsiders in need and will help shipwreck survivors (assuming they didn't cause the shipwreck), but usually do not allow outsiders into their villages, any trade/meetings/etc is done at designated locations outside the village.  Typical adventuring dargonesti are the young ones curious about the surface world.

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