Snow Elves

Written by LordBane2110.

13th Age Module:

The Snow Elves

Slender hunters of the frozen wastes


Racial Choice: +2 Int, or +2 Dex.

History: Snow Elves are slender and pale, originally from the wastes of Theyra, they rarely grow above the height of 5Ft 5, and are like there namesake are delicate and fragile in appearance, they feel nothing in regards to the cold, and can shrug off Ice based attacks as if they weren't there, the desert Heat or intense fires can cause them to feel ill or drowsy

Usually loners, they keep to themselves and close loved ones preferring their own kind than others, while they roam the icy wastes they claimed as their own, they usually keep a look out for strangers or intruders who would disturb there way of life.

Originally seen as an offshoot of the noble high elves, the snow elves have lost the ability to teleport, and instead gained the will to endure the harshness of the their home , the current unofficial leader of the various tribes and scattered clans is an aging woman by the name of S'leinas Lathenas, a very old druid and teacher to some of the younger members.

Racial Power: "Feel not the cold"

Snow Elves have the uncanny ability to shrug off icy or cold effects, this resistance starts at a 10, but can be increased further

Adventurer Feat: Frigid constitution

So used to more intense colds of their home, the resistance of these adventurers changes from 10 to 12

Champion Feat: Frozen Endurance

Snow elves that live long enough can even surprise their own kin wandering the wastes with little more than a cloak and dagger, the resistance increases by a further 2 to become 14.

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