Steam Scions

Written by Angel.

A race created for my campaign, connected to The Lord of Steam Icon.

steam scions 01

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Download this file (Race - Steam Scion.pdf)Race - Steam Scion.pdf Angel218 kB22722014-06-23 10:47

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  • Guest - Jared

    Release valve does not specify it's action economy. (IE: Is burning enemies with steam a free action?)

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  • It's a quick action. thanks for pointing that out, it is now fixed on the pdf.

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  • Guest - Jared

    @Angel: No problem! I really like the PDFs you've been making because A) 13th Age is new and could use some quality homebrew and B) it's professional quality, easy to print and bring to a session along with your other materials.

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  • that's what i'm goin' for! glad someone's getting some use out of it.

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