Written by Andrew.

+2 Dexterity or +2 Intelligence

Rend Mind (Racial Power)
Once per a battle, you may make a ranged attack using your highest mental ability score against the target's Mental Defenses that deals damage equal to 1d4 times your level in damage. In addition, the enemy is confused until they make a normal save.
Champion Feat: You may use this ability twice per a battle.

Rakasha stretch the definition of mortal. They are most likely some sort group of demons that came into the Dragon Empire long ago and got stuck in it, becoming a mortal race in the process. They are incredibly intelligent, calculating and vicious. They are incredibly refined and civilized beyond even the Elves, but can cast off the fascade in a second to reveal their true blood-thirsty and brutal natures. It should come as no surprise that such a powerful and violent race looks down upon others merely as toys and prey, being almost universally selfish and cruel. They really have no reason to care about the affairs of the lesser races, even the actions of the icons seem like the amusing bickering of children in their eyes.

Rakasha also have two other advantages over everyone else, things that are telling of their origins. They can shapeshift into any mortal form they want. Although their real forms are apparently those of humanoid tigers with backwards hands, many can go for years under the fascade of literally any other race—manipulating those around them to their content. They also have the ability to reach into the consciousnesses and dreams of others, scrambling their minds or giving them horrific nightmares.  They really are truly terrible creatures to cross.

Rakasha often don’t live as communities. Instead they form loose secret networks as they live among other races. They can fairly easily use their supernatural powers to find themselves a comfortable slot in society in the Dragon Empire, sometimes even taking the place of someone they murdered for years before anyone finds out. If all goes according to the Rakashas’ plans, then they can take over the Empire from within and none would be the wiser.

Because of the ease by which Rakasha can infiltrate themselves into powerful positions in society, the lack of interest in the activities of the Icons and their general selfish, evil natures, there is almost no motivation for a Rakasha to become an adventurer unless it was manipulating a group of gullible peons to helping them achieve their own goals—usually to obtain some sort of object of power. But even in such cases, they are more likely to hire a group of adventurers using their ill-gotten wealth than to join one.

Even in the very odd case that a Rakasha did join a group of adventurers, it is very likely that the Rakasha would go to great lengths to keep his or her true nature hidden from the rest of the group.

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