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+2 Strength or +2 Constitution

Undeterred (Racial Power)
Once per a battle, after damage for a successful attack has been rolled against you, you may use this ability. Roll a d20. On the roll of 11+, you may choose to simply ignore the damage rather than applying it to your hit points. You still suffer any other effects the attack might have on you.

Champion Feat: While you are staggered, when you use this ability, on the roll of 1-10, the damage is halved.

As the smaller cousins of the Giants, Ogres are  easily the largest and most imposing of the commonly encountered humanoid races. Even bigger than the Trolls, their sheer size means that virtually nothing they typically encounter is a threat to an Ogre. This fact seems to have made them fairly passive and content, they go wherever they want, do whatever they feel like and eat anything they find. Left to their own devices, they seem to wander aimlessly across the world, rolling over anything that imposes them. They are pretty universally lacking in any real drive, motivation or ambition.

Remarked for being painfully slow and dim-witted, the term “ogre” is used by many races as a slur to call anyone dim-witted or thick. This perception is clearly not always true. In ages past some Ogres were taught magic and carry on those traditions to this day. However, outside of the mage traditions, most Ogres simply lack the curiosity to increase their knowledge and experiences in a meaningful way. Interestingly, their lack of any real ambition somehow makes them incredibly easy to lead and manipulate. Pretty much anyone with the desire to do so can manipulate Ogres into doing their bidding, particularly if they want the Ogres to enact violence against some other group. Thus those with bad intent quite often have Ogres  under their command. However, even in these cases they are not particularly valued because it is almost unheard of to find proper Ogre-sized armor or well fashioned weapons that aren’t dwarfed in their hands.

Although Ogres do seem to generally enjoy wandering from place to place and are clearly willing to take orders from those more ambitious than themselves, they seldom become proper adventurers. This is generally because they have little interest in having a meaningful impact on the world or making themselves a legend. Even if one had interest in becoming an adventurer, most of the world is not correctly sized for them—including a lot of the basic equipment and armament they would want to utilize.

If one has an Ogre in their party, it is likely that they are serving under one of the other party members who would be responsible for the Ogre not being content simply wandering the land and living off it contentedly. For without such constant encouragement, most Ogres would quickly get bored of trying to work towards long-term plans and forget about them, simply wandering off.

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