Written by Andrew.

+2 Strength or +2 Dexterity

Stench Cloud (Racial Power)
Once per a battle you may choose to emit a cloud of stench around you as a free action. All enemies engaged with you become weakened until they make a normal save.

Champion Feat: The enemies must now make a difficult save to overcome the Weakness effect of your stench cloud.

The Troglodytes are related to Lizardmen, once being Lizardmen who chose a subterranean life. For centuries, the Troglodytes were masters of their underground caverns, often doing battle with the Dwarves over control of particularly valuable resources, but almost always with the upper hand. That is until the Dark Elves came. The Troglodytes were conquered, forced to submit and ultimately enslaved by the evil Elves and the Dwarves that chose to help them. After they were enslaved, they were used as fodder in wars the Dark Elves then fought against the Dwarves to take control of the underworld.

After many generations, the Troglodytes developed a defense mechanism to help them escape. With a change in their diet they learned to emit clouds of foul smelling odors, which trapped in the underground tunnel made wherever they lived unbearable for other races to live there. In this way they managed to be cast out by the Dark Elves and once again gain freedom.

Troglodytes are as xenophobic, isolationist and territorial as their Lizardmen cousins—perhaps even more so. They have little trouble driving others away with their odors, a fact that also means that virtually no one attempts to recruit them into armies as other races simply wouldn’t want to have them around. This means that Troglodytes are generally disconnected with the politics of the world and focused only on their simple and primitive concerns,  trying to create a safe and secure place for them to live in relative peace.

It would take a very off Troglodyte to become an adventurer. Troglodytes don’t really associate with other races at all, no one even attempts to enslave them any longer, and they do not let go of grudges—they hate Dwarfs and Dark Elves with a maddening passion and are likely to attempt to kill either one on sight. Even if an adventurer party seeks to slay the Dwarf King or Elf Queen, it would be relatively unlikely that they would have encountered and attempted to recruit the best Troglodyte they could find to help them. Perhaps the only way that a Troglodyte adventurer might come about would be one that hatched from an egg a previous group of explorers or a mad wizard stole from a living dungeon and really never lived with its own kind.

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