Written by Andrew.

+2 Strength or +2 Constitution

One Last Strike (Racial Power)
Once per a battle, after you are reduced to 0 hit points, you may choose to use this ability to make one last attack or take one standard action or move action. You fall unconscious after the action if you are still at zero hit points. If you are not at zero hit points at the end of your turn, you are stunned until your next turn.
Champion Feat: If you choose to use your standard action granted by this action to attack an enemy, you get a +4 bonus to your attack roll.

While there are plenty of races that are violent, none matches the pure aggression of the Orc. They live to fight and fight to live, even if offered they seem incapable of choosing any other way. Many believe it may be a magical curse that causes their blood to boil a terrible disease that has rotted their mind so that they can only feel anger or derive happiness from dominating and inflicting pain. Whatever it is, attempting to reason with, negotiate with or work with an Orc is a nearly impossible venture. Most Orcs are so dimwitted and dense that it is unlikely that one could even understand working out a mutually beneficial deal with another race. At least it must seem so, yet the Orc Lord seems to be able to organize his armies somehow.

Orcs have none of the honor that Hobgoblins have. They see no need to keep to their word if no one is strong enough to force them to do so. They see one’s place in the world valued only by one’s strength, anyone who is weaker is deserving of whatever a stronger person desires to do with them. If one wishes a fate other than that which is being forced upon them, they must become stronger than those commanding him by any means possible. Orcs conveniently believe themselves to be the strongest, fully convinced that even Ogres and Trolls are no match for a true Orc.

Orcs have a number of rather unique strengths that are often overlooked. They somehow are able to survive in the most inhospitable locations, from a barren frozen mountain to a sandstorm swept desert, somehow Orcs always find a way. They can and will eat almost anything organic that they have available to them and somehow this gives them enough nourishment to build bodies that are so layered with muscle, with such thick and powerful bones that they can often weigh twice as much as a human of a similar height.

Orc’s tenacity is almost unmatched, while this often means that they will engage in the painful act of continually trying the same thing that has already failed again and again, it also means that in a fight the Orc is almost always the last one to give in, that when everyone else on the battlefield has been wiped out, even if on the losing side the Orcs will get back up. Most importantly, they always go down swinging—attempting to get the drop on them and take them out before they know what is coming virtually always results in failure.

The barriers towards an Orc becoming an adventurer are fairly high. While they have plenty of wanderlust, they are quite ambitious and they aren’t afraid to do battle with just about anything, they don’t work well in groups. When it comes to working with and protecting others, dividing the loot, and particularly when it comes to dealing with matters that one cannot solve by swinging an axe, an Orc can be more of a liability than a help. In fact, those Orcs who have learned to control their bloodlust and can work with other races without being liable to attack them are virtually indistinguishable from the so-called “Half Orcs”. Otherwise, those who find themselves working for the Orc Lord or possibly another evil Icon might find themselves in the unenviable position of having to try to work with one of these maniacs.

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