Written by Andrew.

+2 Constitution or +2 Wisdom

Tail Whip (Racial Power)
Once per a battle, as a standard action you may make a basic melee attack against each enemy you are engaged with. This weapon used for this attack deals 1d6 damage.
Champion Feat: If your attack roll to hit an enemy was a natural 16+, the enemy is knocked down and stuck until the end of their next turn.

Lizardmen aren’t really evil in the way that most races considered monsters are. They do not build up armies or try to march upon other’s land, trying to conquer them; at least not unless they have some servant of the Three or even the Great Gold Wyrm at their back whipping them up. They are generally happy to stay close to their homes, isolated away from the rest of the world. They are, however, isolationist and territorial. Those who wander into their territory are likely to be looked upon as prey, hunted and eaten by nests of Lizardmen warriors.
Lizardmen are as happy in the dry desert as they are in the murkiest, dampest swamp. They can hold their breath underwater for a very long time and swim almost as well as a fish. Their nests are generally indistinguishable from other places in nature as they live in harmony with the natural world around them as they have for thousands of generations. They are large, strong and tough, with strong scaley skin and can even regrow their limbs a few weeks or months after losing them.

Lizardmen that join adventuring parties likely didn’t grow up among other Lizardmen. Sometimes their eggs are taken by curious or ill-intentioned beings in order to raise and train the Lizardmen to do their own bidding. The only exception to this is if the Lizardman is a servant of one of the great Dragon Icons, living in Drakkenhall and the other adventurers have good relations with one of those Icons.

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