Goblin (Alternate)

Written by Andrew.

+2 Dexterity or +2 Wisdom

Small: Goblins have a +2 AC bonus against opportunity attacks.

Slippery (Racial Power)
Once per a battle, after an enemy misses you with an attack, you may pop free from that enemy and any other enemies you are engaged with as a free action.

Champion Feat: When you use this ability, you may make a basic melee weapon attack against the enemy who made the missed attack against you before you pop free. 

Dirty, thieving, weak, evil…. In the eyes of most races, Goblins are little more than worthless vermin to be cleaned out with all the compassion one would show a pack of giant diseased rats. Their lives seem to have no value, often even to one another. Sometimes races will make use of them as slaves or, at best, something akin to pets, but in most encounters they are killed without hesitation or remorse.

In truth though, there might be something admirable to be said about Goblins. Although their lives tend to be incredibly short and brutal, they are always remarkably intelligent for their age. A Goblin who has survived for only a little over a decade can rival the intelligence and wisdom of a century-old elf, a fact that is easy to ignore when they are usually found rolling around in muck, living in garbage and generally never seem to become any more mature than a small child.
Whereever the Goblins find a place of temporary safety in the world, they seem to be able to adapt themselves to master it in a rather short time. In addition to their ability to physically mature and breed quickly, their ability to adapt themselves to master their surroundings is astounding.

Those who live in deep damp, dark caves quickly learn to use the darkness as an ally, can navigate the tunnels with a skill rivaling that of Minotaurs and Kobolds, and will find a way to extract deadly venoms from the creatures found there which they will use against their enemies. Those that live in the forests become masters of concealing themselves in the brush and trees, become masters of ambushing and using ranged weaponry to hunt their enemies and have shown the remarkable ability to train and even ride ferocious predatory beasts several times their own size. Those that live in the refuse on the edges of civilization learn to scrounge to find the most valuable items, figure out which people are safe to approach and set up trade. They also manage to fasten for themselves makeshift weapons and armor that, in their hands at least, seem to rival the effectiveness of properly made equipment despite making it entirely out of discarded materials. Somehow, no matter what their environment, they are able to live in harmony with it and even thrive in conditions others would find unbearable.

Goblins that venture off to see the world are rare. Among the hundreds of thousands of Goblins in the world, only a surprising handful ever really considers running off to explore the world. Even when forced out, they seem to do as much as possible. A Goblin rising to greatness is simply unheard of, never has one been considered an Icon of the world. Goblins that do end up being adventurers are generally the ward of another member of the party—someone saved or spared their life and, now without a tribe, they make the party their new tribe and work towards its success. If a Goblin sees the party as their family, they can be implicitly trusted not to do anything terribly harmful. For as treacherous, short-sighted, selfish, petty and immature a Goblin can be, being alone is the worst fate they can imagine.

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