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+2 Con OR +2 Cha

Disciplined (Racial Power)
Once per a battle, after you fail a save, you may reroll the save with a +5 bonus.
Champion Feat: After each time you use Disciplined, roll a d20. After the first use, on a 6+ you may use it a second time. After the second use, on a 10+ you may use it a third time. After the third use, on a 16+ you may use it a fourth time. After any additional use, you may only use it again on the roll of a 20.

Hobgoblins are the most civilized of all the humanoids who are typically considered "monsters". They build kingdoms, organize armies and engage in economics and politics. They are a fiercely competitive race, known for being cruel, sadistic and merciless, but also for having a strict code of conduct. They enslave others, particularly goblins, whenever possible but are also quite content serving under their own masters. They have been remarked for having unshakable loyalty, when all others have fled and defeat seems certain, the Hobgoblin will still stick by his master's side until the end. Even when it is clear that master doesn't deserve the loyalty. Most are direct and honest to the point of being obtuse and almost always keep their promises to allies, even when it comes at great personal sacrifice.

Hobgoblins are naturally taller and all around more athletic than humans. They are no where near as strong as an Orc or a Dragonborn, as graceful as an Elf or Hafling, nor as tough and unshakeable as a Dwarf, but their resilience and endurance is perhaps unmatched. Furthermore, it is part of every Hobgoblin's upbringing that they receive some basic military training. They seem to be plenty intelligent and have a commanding presence. Despite all this, however, they find themselves generally cast out by the more polite races, living on the fringes of proper civilization and seeing their attempts to rise to greatness always crushed. Behind this seems to be both a lack of creativity and a general unwillingness to adopt the ways of other races when it would better suit their needs. As a result, their armor, weapons, architecture and technology lags well behind that of the less “monstrous” races. While it tends to be sturdy and effective, it lacks the spark of imagination and power that gives others their edge. They also rarely delve into arcane studies, preferring the immediate results of art of the blade than the less reliable results of cloistering themselves in studies for years.

In their strict society, Hobgoblins are usually born into their place within their society and only really advance by either displaying remarkable skill or by ruthless politicking. Hobgoblins fall out of this system surprisingly often, usually because their leaders were slain but occasionally because they are dismissed. These Hobgoblins without duties or masters are looked down upon as failures by other Hobgoblins and usually content themselves with being mercenaries, finding solace in having a duty however meager and they generally stick to working with other Hobgoblins. It is only an especially rare kind that actually goes out seeking to forge a real legend and will work with those of other races to accomplish it.

Most Hobgoblins hail from small goblinoid kingdoms just outside the borders of the Dragon Empire or from the armies of the Crusader, the Three or the Orc King. They are a common race in Drakkenhall and  relatively rare in Axis outside of gladitorial pits. But at least a couple can be found anywhere where humans have considerably more influence than elves or dwarves. They are generally willing to serve whichever Icons would have them, though since most are as evil as they are honorable and have a long standing grudge against both elves and dwarves, many do not seek them out or readily accept them.

Favored Heritage Feats: Pack Hunter, Waxing Moon 

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