Wild Hunter (Barbarian/Ranger) (Levels 1 - 10)

Written by Covok.

I thought it'd be interesting experiment with some builds that became possible with 13 True Way's Dual Classing system. One idea that caught my mind was the Barbarian/Ranger combo. So, I decided to work on one and, in the process, made a pregen for it from levels 1 to 10. I like to call the build the "Wild Hunter."

It gets quite a few talents and really becomes a great mook slayer. It can crit fish quite a bit as well. Not to mention that it has a high chance of getting multiple attacks on its turn especially at high levels. And, of course, it deals a fair amount of damage and has some (with one exception) good defenses. 

That last part is kind of interesting to expand upon. Since you get the better of both classes' defenses, the fact the Ranger gets better AC in Light Armor is good. Normally, Rangers can't use shields effectively, but Barbarians can. So that compounds to a nice starting AC. 

I feel obligated to say it has, quite literally as I don't think it can go lower, the worst MD. Find magic helmets and magic armor of iron will ASAP.

Here it is:

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