Wylma - LVL 1-4 - Holy-One Bard (Poet)

Written by Zimm.

Name: Wylma Gildenshine                                   Level: 1
Holy One

Class: Bard

Gender: Female                                   Age: 55
Height: 5'7"     Weight: 145lbs       Build: Average
Hair: Sandy Blonde     Eyes: Blue

Gold: 25

One Unique Thing: I was once a background character in a Golden Wyrm dream before The Prince of Shadows invaded to steal something, inadvertantly freeing us.

Wandering Poet: +6

Personal Advisor: +2
Interpretive Dancer: +2

Great Gold Wyrm - 2 Positive

Prince Of Shadows - 1 Conflicted 

Str: 10      Mod: +0
Con: 10    Mod: +0

Dex: 16    Mod: +3
Int: 8       Mod: -1
Wis: 20    Mod: +5
Cha: 10    Mod: +0

Health: 21
Recorveries: 8
Recovery Dice: 1d8 + 0

Initiative: +4

Attack: +4

Hit: 1d8 + 3
Miss: 1


Hit: 1d6 + 3
Miss: 0

Great Stringed Pike (1d8)
3x Javelins (1d6)

Armor Class: 16
Physical Defense: 11
Mental Defense: 11

Studded Leather

Racial Power: Halo
Once per battle as a free action during your turn, gain a +2 bonus to all defenses until you are hit by an attack (or until the battle ends).


Mythkenner  A  B
A) Your bardic skills and magic are now based on your Wisdom rather than Charisma. Any time an element of the bard class refers to Charisma, you can replace that element with a reference to Wisdom.
B) Take two additional points of backgrounds; you can use these additional points to raise a background that has something to do with religion, mythology, or history up to the usually impossible rating of +6.

Jack of Spells: Cleric (Spirits of the Righteous)
Choose another spell-casting character class. You can choose one spell from the spell list of that class, of your own level or lower, as an extra spell you know how to cast. You can even improve the spell you've jacked by taking its feats up to your tier, if it has any. This spell is a bonus spell, not included in your bard class count. You can't jack spells that come from class talents.

You can choose an extra bardic song or bard spell at the highest level you know.

Battle Cries:

Flexible melee attack
Triggering Roll: Natural 11+; use only twice per battle
Effect: One nearby ally can heal using a recovery.

PULL IT TOGETHER: (Adventurer Feat)
The target adds +1d4 healing per point on the escalation die.

Flexible melee attack
Triggering Roll: Natural even roll
Effect: Choose one: One of your unengaged allies can move as a free action; OR one of your engaged allies can make a disengage check as a free action.

Spells & Songs:

Spirits of the Righteous:
Ranged spell (Once per battle)
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: Wisdom + Level vs. MD
Hit: 4d6 + Wisdom holy damage, and your nearby ally with the fewest hit points gains a +4 bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.
Miss: Your nearby ally with the fewest hit points gains a +2 bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.

Battle Chant:
Ranged spell (At-Will)
Special: When you use battle chant, you can choose any battle cry effect you know as if you were making a basic melee attack, with the battle chant attack roll taking the place of the basic melee attack roll.
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: Wisdom + Level vs. MD
Hit: 1d4 + Wisdom thunder damage.

Ranged spell (Daily)
Target: 1d4 nearby enemies in a group
Attack: Wisdom + Level vs. PD
Hit: 5d6 + Wisdom thunder damage, and the target is dazed until end of your next turn.
Miss: Half damage, and deal thunder damage equal to your level to each of your allies engaged with the target.

Song of Heroes:
Bardic song
Recharge: 11+ after battle
Quick action each turn; 11+ to sustain
Opening & Sustained Effect: You and your nearby allies gain a +1 attack bonus until the start of your next turn.
Final Verse: The effect ends immediately, but one ally of your choice gains a +2 bonus to their next attack roll this battle.

Up until 3 years ago you were a figment of a god-like dragon's imagination. Every thought in your head crafted by The Great Gold Wyrm as a background piece, slinging poetry on stage in an upscale night club to add ambient noise for whoever the great wyrm was actually dreaming about. You first remember your mind becoming your own as a dark figure whooshes past you on his way out. Several voices yell "The Shadow Prince! After Him!" as they too exit the club. You found yourself, at that moment, a free-willed agent of The Great Gold Wyrm. Since that time you have done a lot of people watching and learning about what it is to be of your own mind. You've happily made your own choices, created your own memories, and learned to coexist among others who seem not to give their free-will a second thought. The poetic skill you once mindlessly used in dreams past has now become an incredible outlet for expressing your free-will, which has found you in the employ of several upper-class members of society. You've offered them witty wisdom and entertaining pros in exchange for free room and board. For a time you even traveled with a circus, using your body with almost as much cleverness as your poems. But now, new experiences await.

lvl01 holyone bard

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