Tor'ok - Level 1 Half-Orc Barbarian

Written by Covok.

Name: Tor'ok                                                        Level: 1
Class: Barbarian

Gender: Male                                   Age: 28
Height: 6'5     Weight: 225lbs       Build: Stalky
Hair: Black     Eyes: Red

Gold: 30

One Unique Thing: The soul of my Orc ancestor. Kor-rak, has possessed my body. We control co-dominantly. He seeks the new Orc Lord and wishes for the end of the Elf Queen while I seek the Elf Queen's acceptance.

Soldier of the Orc Legion (Kor-Rak): +5
Scholar of the Elven Lore: +3

Elf Queen2 Conflicted
Orc Lord - 1 Conflicted 

Str: 18      Mod: +4
Con: 16    Mod: +3
Dex: 14    Mod: +2
Int: 10       Mod: +0
Wis: 10    Mod: +0
Cha: 10    Mod: +0

Health: 30
Recorveries: 8
Recovery Dice: 1d10 + 3

Initiative: +3

Attack: +5
Hit: 1d10 + 4
Miss: 1

Hit: 1d6 + 3
Miss: 0

Greatsword: 1d10
Axe (Can be thrown): 1d6

Armor Class: 15
Physical Defense: 15
Mental Defense: 11

Greatsword: 1d10
Axe (Can be thrown): 1d6

Leather Hide

Racial Power: Lethal
Once per battle, reroll a melee attack and use the roll you preferas the result.

Class Feature: Barbarian Rage 
Once per day, use a quick action to start raging; a rage lasts until the end of battle (or around five minutes, if you decide to rage out of combat for dramatic roleplaying effect!). While raging, you roll 2d20 to hit with your barbarian melee and thrown weapon attacks instead of 1d20. Use the higher roll for the attack. If you roll a natural 11+ with both dice and your highest attack roll is a hit, the attack is a critical hit!

Recharge 16+: After a battle in which you rage, roll a d20 and add your Constitution modifier; on a 16+, you can use Barbarian Rage again later in the day.


Building Frenzy
One battle per day, as a free action after you have missed with an attack, deal +1d4 damage with your melee attacks until the end of the battle. Deal +1d4 additional damage each time one of your attacks misses, up to a maximum of +4d4 damage.

Building Frenzy (Adventurer Feat): Bonus dies are now d6s.

You can make a Whirlwind attack as the first action of your turn when you are engaged by two or more enemies.
You take a –4 penalty to your AC and PD until the start of your next turn. Then roll a separate melee attack against each enemy you are engaged with. You deal no miss damage with these attacks.

Once per battle, declare you’re using Unstoppable before making a barbarian melee attack. If your attack hits at least one target, you can heal using a recovery.

Tor-rok was a low born half-orc with an odd dream. At a young age, he heard a myth that Orcs were originally Elves that were cursed. While it is true that Elves created Orcs, how they were created is a closely guarded secret. Believing the tale whole-heartily, and perhaps as a subtle rejection of his origins, he sought to be accepted by the Elves. Constant rejection is what met him. Undeterred, he hoped he could learn of a way to be accepting by studying Elf culture. During his studies, he came across a tale of a magic item that would "awaken one's heritage." Believing this amulet might bring him closer to being accepted as an Elf, he sought it out. A sizable amount of gold later, Tor-rok now held the amulet. When he placed the amulet around his neck, his heritage did awaken. However, it did not make him an elf or enlighten him on elven way. For a matter of fact, nothing elf related occurred. Instead, one of his Orc ancestors souls returned from the world beyond and took possession of his body. Being a man of strong will, Tor-rok avoided a complete take over, but now he shared his body with his ancestor. Ironically, his ancestor, named Kor-rak, hated Elves for reasons unknown even to himself and seeks to unite with the current Orc Lord.

While at a local tavern, a human had severely insulted Tor-rok because of his nature as a half-orc. Normally, Tor-rok would ignore such slights in fear of the law, not to mention his mild mannered nature, but immediately Kor-rak's rage over took their shared body and brutally beat the man to near death. Arrested for assault, Tor-rok waits for his sentence to end.

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