Potion of Floral Harmony

Written by Lester Gash.

Drinking this potion allows the imbiber to empathise with and befriend plants, intelligent or otherwise (creatures with the plant keyword) for a time. Like a Charm Person spell, this potion will not work if imbibed during combat or against plants that have rolled for initiative. If the plant is intelligent, the effects of this potion will function identically to that of a Charm Person spell. If it is not, it simply means the plant will not take aggressive action against you. 
The GM may also determine that several plants are affected at once - particularly if they are in a mob - if their total combined hit-points does not exceed the maximum.
The effect is dispelled immediately if the imbiber or his allies attack the plant.

TierCostMaximum Hit-Points of PlantDuration of Potion Effect
Adventurer 350gp 40 1 hour
Champion 650gp 96 1 day
Epic 1,300gp 160 1 week


From Thoughts of a Part Time Hobbyist

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