Potion of Elemental Warding

Written by Kenderama.

Potion of Elemental Warding

Various smells and scents. (See below)

Cost: 2000g

Duration:1 battle  (5 minutes outside of combat)

Use: Drinking this potion grants the imbiber limited protection from elemental damage. An attacker must roll a natural 16+ on his attack roll to overcome this protection, otherwise the imbiber only takes half damage.


A scent of brimstone, and taste of chili powder as this still-warm liquid trickles over the tongue.

Color: Bright Red


The bite of ice cold liquid over your tongue, and the smell of peppermint.

Color: White


The stench of rotten eggs, and the taste of turned milk.

Color: Thick, Viscous Green.


A whiff of ozone, and a crackle of energy against your tongue that numbs it for a second.

Color: Blue-White


A gritty, thick tincture, and a taste of dirt.

Color: Brown


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