Redcaps Expanded

Written by James.

Well, I loved the redcaps, sadistic creeps they are, and based on the hierarchy of their blood-stained caps, decided that some new ones would be nice. By nice I mean mean. Enjoy!



Whilst their caps have no blood yet on them, you should still be very afraid. After all, they're dying for a first victim. So will you.

1st Level Mook [Humanoid]

Prickly Spork: +3 vs AC; 3 damage

Miss: 1 damage and the miss damage of all Whitecaps in the battle increases by 1. Cumulative.


[Special Trigger] Pop out and Mob 'em: +6 vs MD; Target is stuck as log as there are two or more Whitecaps engaged with it. Hard save (16+) ends.

Miss: 1 Psychic Damage ad the miss damage of all whitecaps in the battle increases by 1. Cumulative.


Impossible teleport: When the whitecap scores a critical hit OR when a PC or a player at the table says the bad word, the whitecap can teleport to a nearby hidden location it can see as a free action.

Pop-out surprise: When the whitecap starts its turn and no enemy can see it, it can make a pop-out and mob ‘em attack that turn as a standard action.

AC: 12  PD: 12  MD: 12



Now, once the crutycap's cap has literally become a weapon, you're in for treble trouble.

8th Level Wrecker [Humanoid]

How is that thing holding a f**cking greatsw-aaarrrghh *gurgle*: +9 vs AC; 60 damage.

Miss: 30 Damage

Fumble: This Redcap's Bad Word is revealed.

Space-bending Malice: When the bad word is spoken. the next Greatsword attack may target far away enemies.




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