Dire Porcupine

Written by JV.

Dire Porcupine

When it was two feet long, it’s quills hurt. When it is ten feet long, it’s quills kill.

Large 1st level spoiler

Initiative: +4

AC: 17 PD: 17 MD:.10

Full on body tackle: +6 vs.AC 8 damage.

Natural Attack over Target’s Dexterity: The target is impaled by quills. It is stuck, hampered, and takes ongoing 5 damage until they take a move or standard action to pull the quill out.

Standard Action: Roll a normal save or take 5 damage from the quill.

Move Action: Roll a hard save or take 5 damage as the quills do more damage going out.

R: Spine Shot: +6 vs. AC, one nearby creature: 6 damage.

Spine Blockade: The Porcupine cannot move, can only make ranged attacks, gains a +4 bonus to AC and PD, and if an enemy engaged with it attempts a disengage check or takes a move action, they must roll under their dexterity or take 5 damage.

Aggressive Spikes: When the Dire Porcupine is Staggered and a melee attacker rolls a natural 5, 10, 15, 20, the attacker takes 5 damage and is vulnerable to the porcupine's attacks (easy save ends)

HP: 52


Since the High Druid has taken up residence in the Wild Wood, prickles of Porcupines have been trickling out of their alpine forests of the North to greet her. They are about ten feet long, weigh in at on average 600 pounds, and have a voracious appetite for wood of any kind. The Emperor fears for any village caught in their path.

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