Shocker Lizard

Written by Ginster.

Shocker Lizard

This dreadful lizard has green scales with a blueish sparkle. Its crested back is a shimmering threat of crackling electricity.

2nd level wrecker [BEAST]
Initiative: +5

Bite +7 vs. AC – 8 damage
Natural 12+: The target also takes 4 lightning damage.
Natural 16+: The shocker lizard makes one forked lightning attack as a free action.

[Special trigger] C: Forked lightning +7 vs. PD (1d4 nearby enemies) – 5 lightning damage +1 for every other nearby shocker lizard
Limited use: only when at least one other shocker lizard is nearby.

Fast swimmer: A shocker lizard lizard can swim pretty quick.

Skilled Climber: The shocker lizard climbs fast and safe.

Electricity Sense: Shocker lizards automatically sense any electrical discharges in the
area they are. The tend to be curious about them.

AC 17
PD 14     HP 34
MD 11

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