Azer Berserker

Written by myrmidongs.

Downlevel / Uplevel Monsters

Use the following table to modify monsters to your needs.

-2 Levels

x 0.6

-1 Level

x 0.75

+1 Level

x 1.25

+2 Levels

x 1.6

+3 Levels

x 2.0

+4 Levels

x 2.5

+5 Levels

x 3.2

+6 Levels

x 4.0

Raise (Or Lower) Attack Bonuses, Defenses, and Initiative by 1 per level
Multiply damage and hit points by the multiplier on the table

Azer Berserker

Type: LVL 3 Troop, Humanoid

Initiative: +6
HP: 38
AC: 18
PD: 15
MD: 11

Fiery War Axe: +8 Vs. AC; 8 Damage
The crit range of this attack is expanded by 3 unless the Berserker is staggered.
Natural Even Hit: 3 ongoing fire damage

: When the Berserker drops to 0 HP, it does not immediately die. Ignore any damage in excess of 0 HP, roll 2d6, and give the berserker that many temporary HP. No other healing can affect the berserker or give it more temporary HP. When the temporary HP are gone, the berserker dies.

Blistering Heat:
When an enemy engaged with the Berserker attacks it, that enemy takes 2 fire damage.

Cold Haters:
The Berserker adds the escalation die to its attacks against a target that is capable of dealing cold damage with a spell, attack, or magic item.

Fire resistance: 18+


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