Kuo Toa Whip

Written by Aaron R.

Kuo Toa Whip
Level 3 Caster (Humanoid)
Init: +4
HP: 45 AC: 17 PD: 14 MD: 18

Pincer Staff: +7 vs PD, 7 damage and the target is Stuck
    Natural 16+: Target is also Constrained
Slime Salvo: +8 vs AC against 1 nearby target, 10 damage
Excoriation of the Dark Gods: 1d3 times per battle, as a quick action, a nearby ally may regain 9 HP and take a +1 to their next attack roll or saving throw

Nastier Specials
Lightning Blast: +8 vs PD vs 1d3 nearby enemies, +8 vs PD, 10 lightning damage and the target is dazed. For every 2 Whips nearby, one of them per turn may make this attack as a standard action. This attack may not be used if one of the Whips is Confused, Dazed, Hampered, or Stunned.

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