Zombie Accordionist

Written by Nick Wedig.

Zombie Accordionist

2nd level Spoiler

Initiative +1


C: Music of the Damned With its first standard action, the Zombie Accordionist begins to play its musical instrument.  Any creatures that can hear it have to reroll any die that rolls it maximum result (just the first roll is rerolled.  If it comes up maximum again you can keep it.) In addition, any enemy with 12 HP or less are affected by its Fear aura (-4 to attack, no escalation die.)  These effects all last as long as the zombie accordionist continues to play its instrument.


C: Maddening Chord  (all enemies that can hear it play) +9 vs. MD.  Hit: 5 psychic damage.


Empty Husk The Zombie Accordionist does not move, take Opportunity Attacks or basic attacks.


AC 15

PD 9  MD 13

HP 35

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