Belashyrra the Lord of Eyes

Written by Andre C..

Triple strength level 12 spoiler [Aberrant]
Init: +19
HP: 1080 
AC: 28
PD: 22
MD: 26
Shroud of Madness --- Each enemy who starts their turn engaged with Belashyrra take 20 phychic damage and are dazed (-4 penalty to attacks).
Corrupting touch + 15 vs. PD ---60 damage and the target is weakened until the start of Belashyrra's next turn.
Natural 16+:Belashyrra may make aTentacle whip attack against a nearby enemy he is not currently engaged with.
Natural Even Hit or Miss: Belashyrra may make a Hypnotic Gaze attack against another nearby enemy.
[Special trigger] Tentacle whip +17 vs. AC --- 42 damage and 15 ongoing poison damage (save ends)
[Special trigger] Hypnotic Gaze +15 vs. MD --- Target is confused (save ends)
Target fails their first save vs. the confusion effect: The target is affected by Belashyrra's Eye Thief ability.
Miss: Target is stunned (-4 penalty to defenses and cannot take any actions) until the end of it's next turn.
[Special trigger] Eye Thief: Until the target advances a full two levels, the target's pupils take on a sickly yellow color and Belashyrra may spend a free action to see through the eyes of the target (the target is unaware of Belashyrra's spying in this manner) from any location in the world.  In addition, each time the target first becomes staggered, as an interrupt action Belashyrra may use the target as the origin point for either hisHypnotic Gaze orGaze of Agony attacks. 
The target may have theEye Thief effect removed by having a caster perform a ritual and pass a skill check for removing a curse.  The DC for the ritual is Belashyrra's MD.  Pass or fail, the caster performing the ritual is immediately subjected to Belashyrra's Alien Mind effect and Belashyrra becomes aware of the ritual attempt.
Alternatively, the target could just gouge their eyes out to removeEye Thief. I recommend playing out the effects of doing such things in a narrative context.
Target fails their second save vs. the confusion effect: TheEye Thiefduration lasts until the target advances a full three levels.
C: Gaze of Agony +15 vs. MD (1d3 one nearby targets in a group) --- 84 psychic damage.
Natural odd hit or miss: Belashyrra teleports to any location he wishes.
Miss:Half damage.
Alien Mind: If an enemy attacks Belashyrra's MD and hits, that enemy takes 20 psychic damage and is dazed (-4 penalty to attacks) until the end of it's next turn.
Sight in Blindness: Belashyrra is immune to invisibility and ignores any illusions.

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