Written by Martin K.

tardigrade fe5ad6d52ef447006e0027de5b524db8Bearmoeba

This terrible monster was created when a Mad Wizard tried to create an owlbear. The owl escaped from its circle, and the bear got crossed with a tiny amoeba in the dust on the ground...

Large 5th level Wrecker Beast

Initiative: +13

Split: As a quick action, the Bearmoeba can split into two monsters with half of its hit points plus five.

Consume: As a quick action, the Bearmoeba can consume a nearby Bearmoeba and heal the amount of its remaining hit points plus five.

Mauling Bear +10 vs. AC (1 nearby enemy)—Bearmoeba deals damage equal to one fourth of its hit points, rounded down to the nearest five. HP: damage; 160+: 40; 140+: 35; 120+: 30; 100+: 25; 80+: 20; 60+: 15; 40+: 10; 20+: 5.
Natural 18+: Bearmoeba grabs the target.

AC 20 PD 20 MD 15 HP 160

Nastier special: At the start of its turn, the Bearmoeba feasts on enemies it has grabbed. Deal 5 damage and heal the same amount.


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