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Level 4 (Magical Beast)
Init: +7
HP: 54 AC: 18 PD: 16 MD: 14

Pseudopod : +12 vs AC (one nearby creature) - 10 damage, Natural even hit: the target creature is grabbed.

Chewing Maw : +12 vs. AC - 16 damage, the Mimic can perform this as a quick action against creatures it has grabbed.

Sticky : If struck by a melee attack and the natural attack roll is 1-5 the weapon becomes stuck to the mimic.

Polymorph : As a quick action a Mimic can change its form to resemble any inanimate stone or wooded medium sized object. Whilst in this form the Mimic has resistance to all damage and cannot move. In order to discern that the Mimic is in fact alive a character must succeed at a Hard 'spot/perception' background check.

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