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Kuo-ToaKuo Toa

Level 6 (Magical Beast)
Init: +13
HP: 80 AC: 21 PD: 19 MD: 15

Hooked Trident : +11 vs AC (one nearby creature) - 21 damage, Natural even hit: if the target creature is engaged with Kuo-toa it pops free.

Barbed Net : +11 vs. PD (1d2 nearby enemies) - The target is stuck save ends; every time the target fails a save they take 19 damage

Cunning Manoeuvre : When a creature moves to engage the Kuo-Toa it can pop free from one creature that it is already engaged with.

Aquatic : Whilst in or under water the Kuo-toa gains +2 to all defences.

Nastier Special
Accursed: The Kuo-Toa wield dreadful weapons enchanted by long forgotten and evil gods, any character staggered by a Kuo-Toa attack is afflicted by The Curse of Dagon.

The Curse of Dagon: At the end of every day until the curse is lifted, a character must make a single Last Gasp save, after 4 accumulative failures overnight they will complete their transformation into a Kuo-Toa.

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