Written by David Eglinton.

(Originally from d20 Icons site)

Level 7 (Large Elemental Humanoid)
Init: +10
HP: 216 AC: 23 PD: 21  MD: 17

Vicious Claws : +12 vs. AC (2 attacks) - 23 damage

Gaping Maw : +12 vs. AC - 56 damage

Engulfed by chaos : When a Slaad makes a successful attack against a creature roll a d6, if the players can guess the number they are un-affected - if they cannot, they must roll on the Chaotic Effects table below.

Chaotic Effects (roll 1d8) :

  1. Ongoing 10 psychic damage
  2. Dazed (save ends)
  3. Gain resistance to (choose one) Fire/Thunder/Poison
  4. Confused (save ends)
  5. The creature takes 15 damage and pops free
  6. Hampered and gains +2 to its next attack roll
  7. The creature may spend a recovery
  8. The creature loses one recovery

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