Orcish Pyromancer

Written by Ryven Cedrylle.

Orcs and fire. What could go wrong with that?

Level 3 Caster (humanoid)

Initiative +5

HP: 40
AC: 18             PD: 15              MD: 16

R: Ember Axe – +8 vs. PD, 12 damage

R: Ragefire – +14 vs PD (close-quarters; 1d4 nearby creatures starting with the closest), 18 damage and the Pyromancer takes 10 damage. The pyromancer must pass a save at the end of its turn or continue to use Ragefire.

Pyromancy: The Orcish Pyromancer may use its entire turn (move, standard and quick actions) for no more than two consecutive rounds once per encounter to gaze into the flame in its hand and shout helpful commands to its allies. Each time it does this, the Escalation die does not advance at the start of the next round.

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