Lich King Scarecrow

Written by Wade Rockett.

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Lich King Scarecrow

This manikin of straw and sticks will scare away more than just the birds when the proper rhymes of creation aren’t spoken during its construction at harvest time.

3rd level spoiler [CONSTRUCT]

Initiative: +8

Stick claw +8 vs. AC—8 damage

Natural even hit: The scarecrow can make another stick claw attack against a nearby target as a free action as its claw extends farther from its body than should be possible.

R: Eyes of the death that waits +7 vs. MD—The target sees a fearsome enemy in its mind that is trying to kill it. At the start of its next turn, it must roll a hard save (16+). On a failure, it’s confused that turn. On a success, it does nothing as it cowers in fear.

C: Shrieks of the dead remembered +7 vs. MD (one nearby enemy)—The scarecrow gains a fear aura against the target (when that creature is engaged with the scarecrow, if it has 15 hp or less, it is dazed and cannot use the escalation die)

Limited use: 1/round, as a quick action.

 Made of straw and sticks: The scarecrow gains resist weapon damage 18+ against weapon attacks that don’t slash or bash.

Fueled by the power of the Lich King: As a standard action, a character with a relationship with the Lich King can use an existing advantage from a relationship roll for that icon (or roll any such dice as part of this action to try to get an advantage) to hinder the scarecrow. The scarecrow must roll a saving throw. On a failure, it’s weakened (save ends). On a success, it will try to target the creature that attempted to disrupt its power.

AC   18

PD    14                 HP 40

MD  18

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