Fire Elemental

Written by Roland Bruno.

fire-elementalFire Elemental

A roiling mass of living flame scorches everything in its path.

5th level wrecker (Elemental)
Initiative: +8
Vulnerability: cold

AC: 19 PD: 18 MD: 19
HP: 100

Scorching Blow: +8 vs. AC – 10 fire damage
Natural even hit: The target also suffers 5 ongoing fire damage (save ends 11+).
Natural 16+: The fire elemental can make a second scorching blow attack vs. the same target as a free action.

R: Flame Jet: + 9 vs. PD – 20 fire damage

Feeding the Fire: If the fire elemental takes any fire damage, it heals that amount of damage instead.

Fiery Bura: At the start of the fire elemental’s turn, each enemy engaged with it takes 2d8 fire damage; any die result of 8 is kept and the die is rerolled.

Flight: The fire elemental hovers and flies effortlessly.

Originally found on "Save Versus" - a great blog.

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