Demon-Touched Human Swordsman

Written by Covok.

*I know it looks like a lot of text, but most of it is just fluff.

Holding a blade cursed by a devil, this swordsman commands great and terrible power. The jagged and misshapen blade this swordsman wields is sharper than any razor. The blade wreaks a horrid miasma that kills plants and sickens those who breathe it in for too long. Normally, the blade is kept in a sealed state where it appears like any other long sword, but, when a dark prayer is uttered, it takes its horrid, true form.

Level 5 [Humanoid]

Initiative: +2

Demonic Blade +10 vs AC
19 Damage

On a natural 16+: The target becomes poisoned for 1d3 rounds and takes 5 ongoing poison damage.

Let the Hate Flow Through You: When the intensity of battle runs hot enough to bring the swordsman’s blood to a boil, the demon sword sprouts tendrils from its hilt that dig into the swordsman’s arm. These hellish needles inject the swordsman with demonic essence. The swordsman’s skin turns an unnatural red and tiny bumps form on his forehead as a result of this unholy union of man and demon.

When the escalation die is at 4+, the damage of the Demonic Blade increases to 22 and it crits on an 18+.

Demonic Possession: While the blade may be from hell itself, it cares for its master. Not in the same way that one would care for a friend. It’s more like how one cares for a customer with deep pockets. If its master begins to knock at deaths door, the blade takes over his body and tries it’s best to protect its host. The behavior of the swordsman becomes animal-like and can be best described as a “berserk rage.”

When the swordsman’s HP hits 0, it immediately gains 4d6 Temporary HP. The Swordsman’s MD decreases to 13 while in this state. (Don’t be afraid to mention that its MD is lowered in this state, GM.)

AC: 20
PD: 19                                              HP: 72
MD: 15

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