Witch's Cauldron

Written by Ifryt.

Witch's Cauldron

2nd level blocker [construct]

Initiative: +0

Bite +6 vs. PD —5 damage
Natural even hit: The cauldron can grab the target.

Natural 18 or 20: The cauldron can grab the target and Swallow Whole it as a free action.

Swallow Whole +8 vs. PD (one enemy it’s grabbing)—5 damage and 4 ongoing. 

Construct  immunity: Cauldron is immune to effects. It can’t be dazed, weakened, confused, made vulnerable, or touched by ongoing damage.

Ignore attacks 11+: When an attack hits this creature, the attacker must roll a natural 11+ on the attack roll or it misses instead.

AC 14
PD 10

MD 9
HP 40

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