Written by Ifryt.


[Faerie creature from Fighting Fantasy books.]

They are secretive little beings, only half a metre tall, with delicate features – slanted eyes, pointed ears, thin limbs. They are immensely mischievous and magical, and seem to spend most of their time playing frivolous pranks on one another, and other unfortunate beings too.

1st level spoiler [humanoid]

Initiative: +5

Dagger +6 vs. AC—4 damage
Natural even hit or miss: The elvin can pop free from the target.

R: Telekinesis: +7 vs. AC (one nearby creature)—4 damage

R: Dazzle : +6 vs. MD (all nearby enemies)—the target becomes dazeduntil the end of the elvin’s next turn.
Natural even hit or miss: 2 damage.
Natural 16+: The elvin turns invisible until it becomes engaged or attacks.

Flight: The elvin can magically fly and hover only if it is not wounded.

AC 17
PD 11
MD 15
HP 22

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