Ragemaster's Cleaver

Written by Kenderama.

Ragemaster's Cleaver

This heavy axe is inscribed with runes that - if translated by someone who knows of dead dwarven dialects - spell out some of the most filthy epithets known to man.

Item Type: Weapon (Axe)
Property: +1 / +2 / +3 to hit(per tier)

That Was Pitiful!: (Free Action, Once per Battle) After you are critically hit, spend a recovery as a free action, even if that damage would take you to 0 hit points. (If the attack kills you outright, you may not use this ability.)

My Ancestors Cry Out in Remeberance!: (Quick Action, Daily) During a rage, make a Hard/Normal/Easy save (per tier) to recover an expended daily or per-battle power.

Quirk: Sharpens things obsessively.

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