The Black's Fang

Written by Melody Haren Anderson.

A strange piece of old obsidian rock stolen from the temple of the Blue, he's been unable to rid himself of it even after he managed to bluff his way into the employ of the company! Sometimes it murmurs things in draconic. He's sure it's unrelated to all of the trouble that he's narrowly always managed to squeak by!

Attunement: The wielder must spend a month as a companion to a group, convincing them they are someone other than themselves.
The Shadows Bite Deep: Always: Attack and Damage: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).
Kin to the Darkness: Recharge 11+: When successfully Shadow Walking, the rogue can become a shadow for a time. In effect, they gain Resist Weapons (think any non-energy attack) 16+. This power lasts till the rogue fails a normal save. 
Tooth of Your Maw: Always: The Fang always returns when it is needed. But it is also very good at hiding this fact from others. 
Heart of Night: Quirk: Bright light, especially sunlight affects you like you always have a bad hangover. You like to shade your eyes somehow. Over-Attunement: What was minor pain is now mild agony. When in sunlight, take -2 to your attacks.

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