Tear of the Imprisoned Boundless

Written by Melody Haren Anderson.

This strange watery blade has an unknown origin, other than it was first seen in the hands of the demonic warriors created by the Three, specifically their ‘ruling caste’. Each time it is drawn, the blade has taken on a new form, though always more for ritual use than actual combat. The blade is a transparent blue of different shades, cut through with veins of white, like salt.


Attunement: The wielder must be a member of the ruling caste those made by the Three and use this blade to make a sacrifice to those who came before them..

Will to Power: Always: Bonus to spell attacks and damage: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).

Born to the Heights: Recharge 16+: The user summons a disc under their feet which rises and floats them above the ground by a bit under half a meter, able to rapidly travel. This simply allows the user to avoid dangerous ground, float over liquids, and to “fly” over any gap they can safely cross in one round (though using multiple movement actions is allowed).

My Foes Shall Be Consumed: Instant Recharge 11+: You can use any at-will attack spell as an opportunity attack (and it is considered to be close for this purpose).

Malleable Flesh of Vanity: Quirk: People think you’ve changed your appearance slightly every time they see you, though they can’t say how.

Over-Attunement: You start to shapeshift... constantly. Nothing about you is stable, and given time, you might end up not human. But it’s slow. Not fast enough to make a disguise, but fast enough to be disturbing if you’re talking to someone long enough.


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